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"Királyválasztó" = "King Enthronement" 2018

The King of the Hills in 2018: Gábor Firtosvári!

Korona New King was crowned on 20th October in Piliscsév. After an exciting battle with Erik Hugyecz (the winner of the past two years), Gábor Firtosvári finished first in the 2-hour race, gaining the Crown for his first time.
Roland Liszka won both the Youth and 1-hour races with amazing performance, and his team with György Solymosi finished first in the Pair's category of the 2-hour race too!
In the Mini run, Máté Kolmont crossed the finish line first.

Congratulations to all riders, and many thanks for the participating to them and to the spectators as well. See you in 2019 on Királyválasztó!

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