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"Királyválasztó" = "King Enthronement" 2022

The King of the Hills in 2022:

KoronaXXXIX. Királyválasztó finished!
We have enthroned a new King in 2022: Roland Noel Liszka acquired the Crown for the first time, after his second place in the previous year. Dániel Tádics and Donoven Hertlik became the other podium finishers; in the competition of the Pairs, Tamás Keresztes and Gábor Szatyina were the fastest. Twe one-hour race was won by Kornél Ott.

Congratulations to all riders, many thanks to them for the participating; and to team members, organizing staff and spectators as well. See you in 2023 at the 40th anniversary edition of Királyválasztó!


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